LifeAid textile

Base on the special function, we distribute into 4 business models to develop.

  1. Livelihood industry. Cloth, Water treatment & Air clean Filter.
  2. Electronic industry. Each material, component, product.
  3. Automotive Industry. Car beauty and car body protection.
  4. Infrastructure. Dune Reinforcement, Reinforced Embankment.


Material Introduction

Right pictures are the structure about LifeAid material. The special cross-section makes the special cleaning and powerful absorbent & quick drying ability.

Businese Scope: Bedding

Dust mite proof

  1. Bed sheet
  2. Quilt & pillowcase
  3. etc.

Business Scope: Cosmetic

High clean performance Cosmetic cotton

  1. Cleaning cloth.
  2. For luxury goods, Camera…etc

Business Scope: Sports and Leisure

Powerful absorbent & quick drying

  1. Normal & Sports towel.
  2. Bath towel
  3. Beach towel
  4. Mop etc…